Times and places

The tournament will be held in three stages.

1) Sat. 17.06.2017 Rapla (Karmani shopping centre, Kooli 6A, MAP)
2) Sat.
15.07.2017 Pärnu (Kaubamajakas shopping centre, Papiniidu 8/10, MAP)
4) Fri.
04.08.2017  Tallinn (Freedom Square, MAP)

The tournament will be held on two courts. Matches will start at 11:00, except for the final stage in Tallinn where the games will be played in the evening.


Street hockey (Finnish: katusähly) rules apply. The courts are outdoors and the playing surface is asphalt. Playing time: 12 minutes (not effectively measured). The game is played 3-on-3 without goalkeepers, using miniature goals. Court measurements: 20x10 meters.

The tournament will be held in two categories: men and women.

At each stage, each team will play one match against every other team in their category. 

In both categories (men and women), points will be given as follows:
1st place 12 points
2nd place 10 points
3rd place 8 points
4th place 6 points
5th place 4 points
6th place 2 points

At the end of the final stage on 01.08.2017, the points from all three stages will be added up to determine the highest ranking teams in both categories.

Registration and participation fee

Please register by phone or e-mail:
+3725211535 (Merli Kaljuve), tanavahoki@spartasport.ee. The deadline for registration is one week prior to each stage. You may register for the whole tournament or separately for each stage. The registration fee is 50 € per stage. If you register and pay for the whole tournament at once, you'll receive a discount of 30 € (you'll pay 120 € instead of  150 €).

For more information, don't hesitate to call or e-mail!

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